Note for speakers

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Notes for Oral Presenters


1.            Keynote:              30 minutes
2.            Others:                 20 minutes
including 5 minute Q&A. Please refer to the Programme for the exact time and duration.


Oral Presentations will be delivered in LT1 and LT2 of YIA. Contingent arrangement may be made for presentations to be conducted in LT3 and Room 505. Facilities of the rooms are available from the following web pages:


  • Presenters shall use the notebooks provided on the lecterns that is connected to the projectors. Use of his/her supplied computer is NOT allowed.
  • Prior to presentations, speakers shall load the files onto notebooks inside the Preparation Room located between LT1 and Foyer with a USB drive and test presentations there. Materials placed in the Session folder are accessible from the notebooks on lecterns inside LT1 and LT2. On-site helpers are available to provide guidance and technical support.
  • To save time for processing, presenters are recommended to use the following convention to name the files:

[Session Number (e.g. M1/M2B/…)]_[name of presentation].[file extension: ppt/pdf/avi…]
For example: W2A_ A deep-learning method for precipitation nowcasting.ppt

  • Presenters may also email the presentation materials to on or before 18 July 2016, which will be loaded onto the notebooks prior to the Symposium.
  • The projector has a native resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. The notebooks are connected to the Internet, and installed with the following software, all in English:
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1
  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2007
  • Microsoft Windows Media Player 12
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader XI
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Google Chrome 51
  • Mac presentation using Keynote is NOT supported and presenters are requested to convert the file into Adobe PDF or Powerpoint 2007 format. It is strongly recommended that presenters test their Mac-produced presentations on a Windows PC.
  • Animated .gif files can occasionally be problematic. Please prepare the movie or animation files in .avi format. Video in .wmv, .mov and .mp4 using generic codecs should work as well.

Tips for Presentation

Keep the presentation brief and clear; Reserve time for questions.

Enquiry or Assistance

Please contact Swire Travel ( if you have any enquiry or any special requirements.

Notes for Poster Presenters

Poster Board

The “poster board” is an illuminated tilted glass wall, with examples shown below:

Remark: This wall accommodates 3 posters

Remark: This wall accommodates 4 posters

The recommended poster size is A0 in portrait, i.e. 841 mm (width) x 1189 mm (height).
Presentations of posters are arranged in two batches, i.e. Batch #A and Batch #B. Please refer to the Programme for which batch each poster is assigned to, and the time of setup, madness, presentation and teardown.
Paid service of poster printing is available. Please contact WSN16 Secretariat ( for quotations and orders.

Poster Madness Session

Each presenter has 60 seconds to present his/her poster to all WSN16 participants during poster madness sessions. Please prepare one slide output in PDF format (A4 size, landscape) and pass the file in USB drive to the on-site helpers in the Preparation Room during poster setup session. Other file formats are not accepted.

Poster Setup / Teardown

Each poster shall be adhered to the designated location on the glass wall with blu-tack and tapes. On-site helpers will provide the required materials and render necessary assistance.
Poster presenters are responsible for tearing down posters at designated time. Poster will be disposed of if not torn down in time.

Poster Presentation

Poster presenters are required to stand by his/her poster to brief the participants during both poster sessions for the batch. Feel free to bring handouts but better to be environmentally friendly via a QR code on the poster. Regret that no power supply could be provided.


Make the poster clearly legible from a distance; Save key points for one-on-one discussion.

Enquiry or Assistance

Please contact Swire Travel ( should you have any enquiry or any special requirements.